Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A compassionate reminder ...

A new book Head Cases, reviewed in Nature Neuroscience, addresses the personal impact of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The overall purpose is to bring to light the reality of the overwhelming obstacles faced by sufferers of TBI. This is a noble effort given that many researchers are susceptible to getting caught up in the minutia of their work and lose sight of the grander picture. Especially those of us just starting who are often torn between altruism and career ambitions. However, according to Masud Husain, neurobiologist at UCL and Nature reviewer, the book deals to far in philosophical issues and musing that are not well integrated. Additionally, the author takes grievances with neurosurgeons and scientists,  in a form of ranting that is misplaced. All in all, it seems the book aim is well meant, but took a few too many tangents that detracted from its goal. Nonetheless, it succeeds in that by its mere existence we, neuroscientists, are reminded to look up from our laboratory bench and remember why we are there. 

Link to Nature Neuroscience review

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