Friday, August 22, 2008

"University College London will play host to £140-million institute"

Nature reports about another interdisciplinary institute aiming to answer fundamentals questions about the makeup of the brain.

UCLUCL: the nerve centre of neuroscience

"An ambitious 'Janelia Farm-style' neuroscience institute to lead international efforts in understanding the brain and behaviour at the level of basic neural circuits is being planned for London."

Obviously, the hottest topic in neuroscience is understanding how the complex networks of proteins making up the synapse relates to the functions of individual systems on through to whole brain interactions governing behavior.

UCL, already a leader in the world of neuroscience is now searching to bring together the best of the established and upcoming science world. This collaborative effort hopes to leapfrog neuroscience from its present state of basic knowledge into a field full of practical applications.
This trend to make neuroscience applied, so to speak, has been termed "translational".
This movement hopes to create a new breed of scientists who "bridges the gap from bench to bedside". Although, the efforts of this movement have yet to been felt the mere fact it exists bid well for future therapies.

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